18-10-2021Quarterly Activities/Appendix 5B Cash Flow ReportDownload File
08-10-2021Application for quotation of securities - TLMDownload File
08-10-2021s708A Notice, Unlisted Option ExerciseDownload File
07-10-2021Drilling and Exploration Update, NSW Gold and Base MetalsDownload File
24-09-2021Listing Rule 3.13.1 DisclosureDownload File
24-09-2021Appendix 4GDownload File
24-09-2021Corporate Governance StatementDownload File
24-09-2021Annual Report to shareholdersDownload File
19-08-2021Notification regarding unquoted securities - TLMDownload File
02-08-2021Details of Company AddressDownload File
30-07-2021Quarterly Activities/Appendix 5B Cash Flow ReportDownload File
28-07-2021Drilling and Exploration Update - Central NSW ProjectsDownload File
09-07-2021Key Management AppointmentsDownload File
17-06-2021Change of Director's Interest NoticeDownload File
15-06-2021Drilling to Commence at Cumbine Gold ProspectDownload File
21-05-2021Talisman Receives Second Wonmunna Royalty PaymentDownload File
06-05-2021Major New Gold Targets Identified at Lachlan ProjectDownload File
05-05-2021Change of Director's Interest NoticeDownload File
30-04-2021NSW Tenure Consolidation and Non-Core Royalty SalesDownload File
29-04-2021Quarterly Cashflow ReportDownload File
29-04-2021Quarterly Activities ReportDownload File
19-04-2021Large-Scale Gold-in-Soil Anomaly Outlined at CumbineDownload File
15-04-2021Talisman Receives First Wonmunna Royalty PaymentDownload File
26-02-2021Half Year AccountsDownload File
22-02-2021New, high-priority exploration target identified at LachlanDownload File
29-01-2021Quarterly Cashflow ReportDownload File
29-01-2021Quarterly Activities ReportDownload File