Talisman recognises the importance of the communities in the areas in which it operates and aims to engage in an open and collaborative manner to ensure its activities are in line with the expectations and requirements of these communities.

We respect the traditional land owners and engage and co-operate with traditional land owners where the Company’s activities coincide with the interests of these communities.

We endeavour to utilise local people and services where appropriate which may include sourcing goods from local communities or using local people and contractors with exploration related activities.


Talisman takes its environmental obligations seriously and seeks to comply with all environmental requirements and minimise the impact of its activities on the areas in which it operates.

We aim to take responsibility for and achieve a high standard of environmental performance and to integrate environmental management considerations into all aspects of our business.

This includes identifying environmental risks which may arise due to the company’s activities, providing for risk removal or minimisation actions on a site-specific basis and the implementing of programs to adequately rehabilitate disturbed areas, promote energy and water efficiency, conserve resources, reduce waste, promote recycling, and avoid causing environmental harm.

Talisman believes that continual improvement of our environmental management is essential to our business success and for the continuity of good relationships with the communities where we operate.


The health and well-being of our people is central to our approach to business and we are committed to ensuring we maintain a safe workplace for our employees and contractors. We recognise that to be successful we must promote safety as a key value, provide safe work environments and foster a safety culture and manage risks by carefully planning and carrying out all work with the aim of incurring no incidents.

We continuously enhance our safety by leadership with an open-minded approach so that incidents or near misses are fully reported, openly investigated, and corrective actions are completed. Talisman has a strong safety culture and a comprehensive but practical safety management system designed to manage all aspects of safety in an effective manner. This includes training, reporting, hazard identification, risk assessment, development and implementation of safe work procedures, communications and emergency response protocols and full compliance with all legal requirements.

Further information on Talisman’s sustainability initiatives can be found in the latest Annual Report.