01-12-2020Encouraging RC results at large-scale Cumbine Gold ProspectDownload File
20-11-2020Drilling set to commence at the Blind Calf Copper Prospect,Download File
05-11-2020Final Director's Interest Notice x2 (Madden and Gadsby)Download File
05-11-2020Change of Director's Interest Notice x5 (option expiry)Download File
04-11-2020Results of MeetingDownload File
04-11-2020Chairman's Address to ShareholdersDownload File
04-11-2020AGM Presentation MaterialsDownload File
04-11-2020Lapse of Unlisted OptionsDownload File
03-11-2020Annual General Meeting Webinar DetailsDownload File
30-10-2020Quarterly Cashflow ReportDownload File
30-10-2020Quarterly Activities ReportDownload File
29-10-2020Forthcoming release of shares form voluntary escrowDownload File
20-10-2020TLM to drill highly prospective gold and copper targetsDownload File
05-10-2020Notice of Annual General MeetingDownload File
01-10-2020AGM Update and Director RetirementDownload File
30-09-2020Appendix 4G and Corporate Governance StatementDownload File
30-09-2020Annual Report to shareholdersDownload File
02-09-2020Corporate Update -Management ChangesDownload File
27-08-2020Exploration Update - Lucknow Gold ProjectDownload File
31-07-2020Quarterly Cashflow ReportDownload File
31-07-2020Quarterly Activities ReportDownload File
24-07-2020Exploration Update -Lucknow Gold ProjectDownload File
16-07-2020Initial Director's Interest NoticeDownload File
15-07-2020Kerry Harmanis Appointed to TLM BoardDownload File
05-06-2020Lucknow Drilling and Corporate UpdateDownload File
05-05-2020NSW Exploration UpdateDownload File
30-04-2020Change of Company SecretaryDownload File
17-04-2020Quarterly Cashflow ReportDownload File
17-04-2020Quarterly Activities ReportDownload File
02-04-2020Operational and Corporate UpdateDownload File
26-03-2020NSW Exploration UpdateDownload File
27-02-2020Half Yearly Report and AccountsDownload File
31-01-2020Quarterly Cashflow ReportDownload File
31-01-2020Quarterly Activities ReportDownload File
24-01-2020NSW Exploration UpdateDownload File